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An open letter

January 15, 2016

This website is a long time in the making. It's an extension of my commitment to you - my commitment to us all. 


Many years ago I began an intentional morning practice with statements reminding me why I practice, why I do this work every day. These intentions can and do change for people, and yet for me, there remains a constant: I walk the path of the Boddhisatva, the ones who do the inner work of personal transformation and healing the self in order to more fully assist others in the journey of healing. For me, this is a path of liberation for us all.


It's been a wonderful, transformative sabbatical in which I have journeyed deeply. I cleansed for moons, then cloistered for weeks, and practiced deeply. And I wrote furiously. Something else happened during this time, too.


Over the years and across the continents, I've mused with others about how to bring this work to more people, so that all who seek may experience healing. I've explored with Usha options for teaching together in India; I've talked at length with Phra Pipop about opening a healing center at his monastery in Thailand. I've dreamed with Chiara about enjoining her work in Costa Rica, and planned with Kala about a collaboration of our work in Massachusetts. And now, here I reside in North Carolina. As often I have, I've worked as a solitary, even amidst the work of others. But this early-winter, as I began the journey of building this website for you, for us, something landed. A seed of intention was planted. It germinated, and now it is budding. I'm opening a holistic health and healing center in downtown Burlington.


This center is coming through me, but it is not of me. It's not mine. It's yours. I'm just the vehicle through which it flows. I am honored by the healers and teachers stepping forward to join me in bringing our commnity a foundation of deep knowledge and extensive experience in how to care for oneself and others in a whole-being-centered approach to living.  Your center will offer classes in reiki, of course. And it will offer classes in herbal medicine, the Melt-method of pain relief, meditation, whole foods nutrition, and doula services. Your center will be a place to come and watch an inspiring film, read and sip tea in a sunny nook, or purchase a book from a carefully-selected resource collection or an herbal remedy from one of the several herbalists  bringing this center to you.


It is a destination and a sanctuary. It is a place to meet with others and feel supported in your work of personal transformation. This is Be In Your Center - where healing happens, and we open our doors February 1st. I look forward to meeting you there. 



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