K a r i n  E l i z a b e t h

K a r i n  E l i z a b e t h

Reiki Training & Enrichment

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Private Services and Classes

Beyond her publicly offered classes, Karin also teaches privately-held classes. Sometimes these are chosen for the intimacy of a class of exclusively familiars, and sometimes these are chosen to accommodate special needs of time and place.  Feel free to contact her with your special requests. 

Reiki Level One


I am a healer because I am healing myself 


In Reiki Level One, the focus is on self care. When we scurry to care for others without first taking care of ourselves, what we offer is a diluted version of our greatest potential. 


In this class, you will learn:

  • The extended history of this healing practice

    • ​You will understand the timelessness of healing

  • The deeper meanings behind the reiki principles

    • ​You will apply these principles in your daily life

  • About the subtle energy currents within every living being

    • You will perceive these flows within yourself


What you will receive:

  • Detailed instructions for a simple & realistic daily practice

    • ​Practice together, share experiences, ask candid questions

  • A comprehensive Practitioners's Notebook to guide you through your continued process of discovery

    • ​Lifetime access to updates of all written material


Classes are eight and a half hours. $150









Reiki Level Two


This is where the fun really begins! 


With your personal practice firmly established, you're ready to share reiki with the world. In Level Two you learn a variety of approaches to focus your work for specific intentions.  Through ongoing practice, you'll discover how you are uniquely drawn to share this healing in the world..


In this class, you will learn:

  • The reiki symbols that enable you to focus healing frequencies to address specific aspects of healing

    • ​Beyond abstract concepts, these symbols will become your allies

  • Methods of self-protection and establishing boundaries that are vital for every healing practitioner

    • ​Enhance your perception and strengthen your ability to witness with equanimity

  • The limitless possibilities for bringing more healing to your life and the lives of others

    • ​Prepare yourself to be surprised by the ways you are uniquely called to share healing with the world!


What you will receive:

  • Detailed instructions for daily practice that prepares you for bringing reiki in the world in every moment

    • ​Practice together, share your experiences, ask candid questions

  • A comprehensive Practitioners's Notebook to guide you through your continued process of discovery

    • ​Lifetime access to updates of all written material

  • Invitations to exclusive practitioner collaboratives for continued, supported practice

    • ​Connect with others in your lineage and gain valuable experience


Classes are eight and a half hours. $150








The Long Course

The format of reiki training classes is to learn the theory and experience a bit of initial practice, and then on your own course of independent study and practice you realize the potential of the work.  For some people, this format works very well, and they are able to meld their reiki practice into their everyday lives. Others thrive with more guidance.


This is a course extension to support those who experience greater success with embedded accountability. Decided together, we can meet weekly for four weeks or monthly for four months following the Level One or Level Two class, and participants share their practices, their challenges, and their discoveries. Through shared experiences, each gains inspiration and support in making this healing work part of the everyday world..


Students receive specific guidance to help surmount independent challenges, and for those who thrive with the external motivation of assignments, these are detailed at the end of each class..


Four weekly or monthly meetings., each for ninety minutes  $100








Reiki Enrichment 


If you've drifted away from your practice, or need guidance in moving forward from where you are, this class is for you.


This class was born from the expressed needs of those initiated into reiki months or years ago who find it challenging to reengage with the work. Perhaps one has lost her class materials and contact with her instructor, or perhaps a daily way to practice was never shared.  The reasons are many; the solution is clear: Reconnect.


It was born of the expressed wishes of those who seek more guidance, external accountability, and peer support to remain consistent with their practice. It was born of the requests of those who practice as it was shared in their training, but find themselves at an impasse to move further.. If you have ever thought, What now?  This class is for you.


Bring your questions and challenges, and bring your authentic self.  This class is appropriate for those already initiated to any level of Reiki.


Two hours, $35









Reiki Master Healer


I see you.


With prolonged, consistent practice with oneself and others, the healer starts to See. The healer starts to Perceive. The healer starts to Listen.


It this quietude, she understands that there is more to learn. There is greater unfolding. And thus, a journey less traveled begins.


To begin, you will quietly retreat for an inward journey of embodied awareness. You will experience deep truths within your personal experience and experience profound shifts in understanding. And then, you will practice with another.  In this nine-month course, you will practice each technique on yourself and another with personal supervision and individual support.


You will emerge from this course skilled in these advanced techniques for bringing monumental shifts in your clients' healing process.


Forty-five contact hours and

a minimum of twenty-seven independent practice hours   










Reiki Master Teacher


I carry the Light day and night.


To teach is to guide; we guide by lighting the path with our own example, our own experience.. When we initiate another into this work, we accept the responsibility of remaining a beacon of strength in her night sky, Together we form her constellation of support. 


This is not a job; it's a calling.


For the aspirant with ample time to practice and study, this class can be done in tandem with the Master Healer course; for those with a fuller schedule, it can be undertaken at a later time.  You will attend at least four of Karin's Level One and Two classes for the purposes of observation and comparison. You will take notes on methodology, content, and objective influences. You will learn techniques for classroom management, task and time management, and effective teacher-student interrelationships.


Before completion, you will develop and write your own syllabus and curriculum, classroom materials, and student materials, and review these with Karin.   With her guidance and support, you will student-teach a partial class.


Sixty contact hours and

a minimum of twenty independent practice hours   








Children's Reiki One


If every eight year-old knew how to meditate,

we would have world peace in one generation

                                                                                                         Dalai Lama


Reiki is gentle, and reiki is kind. It teaches us that we have the power to harness our feelings and emotions.  Right in the palms of our hands.


Children seek guidance for self-expression. They seek guidance in understanding the world around them. Children are very receptive to tools for managing their emotions and feelings, and reiki is a practice they can take with them everywhere they go.


In the same way that reiki helps adults ease tension and stress, it can help children process difficult emotions and navigate challenging situations.


Children seek to help another in a time of need. Without hesitation, a child will bring her healing hands to alleviate the pain of another. 


Children remember.


Karin has a special way with children.  As an experienced teacher and a seasoned auntie, in her, children find an ally.  


In this fundamental class, children learn how to use reiki in their daily lives for managing emotions and challenges., They learn how to help others. They discover the essence of healing with their own hands; they are reminded to trust their inner wisdom.


Three-hour class, $75