Meditation and Breathwork

Private Services and Classes

Karin offers privately-held meditation classes by request, including workplace or community groups. These are often chosen to accommodate special needs of time and place, and sometimes these are chosen .for the intimacy of a class of exclusively familiars.  Contact Karin to discuss your request. 

Everyday Mindfulness

An eight-week series

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the present moment, to observing the sensations of what is happening in and around you in this very moment. It is a practice of attuning your senses, of turning the lens inward in each moment of the mundane, the everyday, the now. 


We begin our practice in the simplicity of the breath. It is with us in every moment. Learn about the benefits of conscious breathing and ways you can steady your awareness on this most fundamental action.

You'll learn approaches to bringing mindfulness to your everyday activities. Experience the mundane or routine with renewed awareness and simple joy. And together we'll experience a sitting practice. It is something so accessible, so simple when you allow it to flow from moment to moment.


This series is designed to develop a habit that remains with you. With continued practice, you'll experience awareness that expands into other aspects of your life.  

Guided Meditation

Sink in

We begin in a short sitting practice to remind the body and mind of the ease in touching our centeredness. Week by week, you'll learn how to honor and support your body in a sitting practice that you can take home and practice each day. 

After a short sit, you'll sink in to a guided meditation, which is a primary focus in this class. In the guided practice, we turn the focus inward and explore what is there. We explore the minutiae of the physical body to discover where we hold tension and memory. Guided practice helps us become familiar with the inner workings of our own minds and discover the profound peace that resides within each of us. 


Meet your constant ally

The frustrated parent counts backward from ten. Ease replaces anger. In this class, we meet our breath, a constant presence working with us, supporting us in every moment of our life experience. Learn about the qualities of the breath, the essence of the breath, and techniques for enhancing your health and well-being through intentional breathing exercises. 





Karin is available for workplace or community groups. Use the contact button below to talk with her about your unique needs.