K a r i n  E l i z a b e t h

K a r i n  E l i z a b e t h

An Introduction

When you bump your arm against the kitchen counter, your other hand insticntlively reaches out in comfort.  When you hear news that evokes heartfelt emotion, your hand is reflexively drawn to your heart. When your child falls and scrapes his knee, you kiss it to make it better.  Why is that? Why do we unconsciously express caring in these physical ways? 


It is our collective memory of the healing power of touch.  


Even though he quietly enters the room, you feel his presence. behind you. Although you don't hear their fighting words, you sense her lingering anger when she sits at the table.  As she relays the story and a sense of heaviness fills the air, you involuntary shiver and feel the sensation dissapate. Why is this?  Why do we respond to unseeable changes in our surroundings?


We respond to changes in the vibrational frequencies of our environment.


Our technological age is possible thanks to the accessing of invisilbe vibrations within the environment.  We use radio waves, x-rays, and microwaves. - all part of the electromagnetic spectrum - an unseen spectrum of radiant energy.  We meaasure electrical currents within the body when we use an EKG - an electrocardiogram - to help understand physical imbalance..


When we access these energetic frequencies for the purpose of healing, we are accessing a vibration that resonates with the frequencies already within us. Indeed, within every living being.


This knowledge is passed down to us by the ancients.  For thousands of years, the medical systems of the Asian world - notably Aryuveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine - have long included  the flow of vital energy in their very understanding the living body.  Martial arts and other modalities likewise access this vital energy - called Qi, Chi, or Ki in Chinese-based language systems - as expressed in Qi gong, Tai chi, and Reiki.  


The efficient operation of the organism depends upon the unhindered flow of vital energy.  As trauma occurs - as insult or injury to body, mind, or spirit - this can create a slowing of the vital flow; this in turn can present as imbalance or dis-ease within the living being.


It is from here that we work in energy healing. We seek to clear out that stagnation so that the free flow of vital energy is restored.



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