K a r i n  E l i z a b e t h

Holistic Nutrition

If you want to learn more about transforming your kitchen and transforming your life, Karin offers these small group and personal culinary services right in your kitchen.. She is also available for workplace or community groups. 



Pantry Parties

It's always more fun with friends. When you're ready to clean up your cupboard, it's likely that you have a few  friends who would like to clean things up, too, but who don't want to go it alone. Pantry parties are a series of workshops that move from one home to the next, cleaning up the contents of the cupboards. Each class we meet at a different friend's home and go through the cupboards. We read labels and learn what product claims really mean; we talk about ingredients and healthier options; and we collaborate on ways to make all of your kitchens more healthfully fantastic. We laugh, we chat, and we enjoy a healthful potluck. It is a party, after all!


Pantry parties are customizable for each group. Dates and times, potluck dish ideas, dietary restrictions and preferences, and other details make it the most fun and beneficial for your little gaggle of goodness! Each party lasts two hours. One-time cost per household $60.




Companion Cooking

Sometimes, it just takes doing things together. In this service, Karin comes to your home and you work in the kitchen side-by-side. You'll learn techniques for enhancing palatability by using different cuts, cooking methods, or subtle tweaks. She works with you to discover which utensils and dishes you already own that can improve your culinary experience, and she makes suggestions for practical additions. Choose a one-time workshop or set up a recurring meeting. $40/hour.




Companion Shopping

Have you ever wanted to know how the bulk section works at the co-op market, and what to do with some of those ingredients? Have you read online or heard label-reading information in a workshop but have trouble putting it in practice when you're flooded with towering aisles of products? Take Karin with you. Side-by-side, she'll help you make sense of the products and labels, and hep you make informed decisions about what you're feeding your family. $40/hour