K a r i n  E l i z a b e t h

K a r i n  E l i z a b e t h

Healing Sessions


You can use your health insurance Flex card (FSA) to pay for your healing services with Karin.


All sessions $65.



Which approach is right for me?


Classic Reiki Healing Session


For relief from work and family stress, to alleviate pain or discomfort, as a complement other healing approaches, and in preparation for major life events, the classic session is a common choice.


If you find you carry a lot of responsibility for the emotional well-being of others, you need a respository for that burden. Whether you're running a bustling household, caring for an aging parent, or supporting clients or employees, it is vital to your own self care to lay those worries down.  A classic reiki session can release what you're carrying and recharge you so that you are fully present for those who depend on you.


If recovering from an injury or trying to alleviate discomfort in the body, a classic reiki session can help. Pain and discomfort result from a slowing in the circulaton of vital energy - carried in the vital fluids and neural pathways of the physical body. By bringing vibratory healing to those areas of slowing, stagnation is freed and circulation can resume. If pain or discomfort persists without response to intervention, it is quite possibly linked to something more long-standing that needs to be cleared.  Look to the advanced healing sessions, described below, 


A classic session is also a good choice to ease the body, mind, and spirit in and out of major life events including birth, travel, job or home transition, surgery, and ultimately, death. Reiki helps to ease transitions; it softens the edges of major changes.


Book a session as needed or set up a recurring appointment.








Aura Cleansing


Like a sphere around the body, the aura is first to encounter the insults and injuries of living life.  In its perfect state, the aura is an iridescent sphere of protection, filtering the tens of thousands of nanoparticals of stimuli an individual encounters each day. The integrity of the aura can be compromised by a nutrient-poor diet, routinely inhaling smoke or other pollutants, regular or excessive ingestion of intoxicants, repeated or consistent exposure to violence - including violent images or concepts in entertainment and media, carrying a consciousness around genetic disease, and repeated or consistent messages from self or other that denigrate the sense of self worth of the individual.


Over time and exposure, these stimuli can weaken the aura, leaving the individual more susceptible to illness and dis-ease, making the protective sheath more permeable to incompatible situations and energies. This can be experienced as an inability to move forward, unresponsiveness to intervention for or recurrence of illness or dis-ease, or resonance with the statement, "Those things didn't used to get to me, but now..."       


An aura cleansing is followed by two classic reiki sessions.









Chakra Cleansing


Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates to wheel or vortex. It relates to spinning vortexes of vital energy that function within every living organism and help maintain the smooth flow of vital energy. There are seven main chakras in the human energy system, and each has many interrelated correspondences. For example, one significant corrrespondence is that of chronological age, and the governance of the life experience in a given age by its corresponding dominating chakra.


While we manage to move more or less gracefully through our lives, at times we may recognize that something is consciously or unconsciously hindering our greatest potential. This may be related to physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma, and the memory that is stored in the corresponding chakra. Determining which chakra needs cleansing can rely on one's conscious awareness of a traumatic event, or it can be determined by examining symptoms within the life experience that correlate to a governing chakra.  Determination can also be made during a classic reiki session, where Karin receives strong indicators of significant imbalance that requires deeper attention.


Choose from a single appointment to cleanse the specifc chakra, a series of healing sessions that couch the chakra cleansing within it, or a deep cleansing program that cleanses each chakra in turn for a total system reset.









Transcendent Healing


This modality facilitates rapid healing of physical trauma and injury. Bridging the space between the physical and more subtle energetic bodies, Karin looks deeply at the affected area and pointedly directs the flow of vital healing energy to the specific location, directing healing to the very composition of the trauma site.  This technique is effective on both recent and old injuries in which there continues to be malfunction or disturbance. If you suspect there are other, multi-layered aspects contributing to the imbalance or disease, however, look to aura cleansing or chakra cleansing for a more comprehensive approach.  Transcendent healing is very specific. It can also be used to prepare for upcoming events such as surgery if your aim is very focused support.




You can use your health insurance Flex card (FSA) to pay for your healng services with Karin.


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