K a r i n  E l i z a b e t h

Practitioner Resources

To all reiki practitoners, I offer this to you.

May these words and resources help you

Strengthen and deepen your practice,

For the greater good of all.

I am a Healer Because I am Healing Myself

In your training class, you received detailed, organized pages of information from your teacher to help you understand the theories behind the work that we do, and you received even more material to help you make sense of your experiences as you practice..


In class you received an initiation, sometimes called an attunement.  This is the process by which you are readied for the vital flow of reiki to channel through you.


This is just the beginning.


Now, the work begins. The inner work. The committed personal practice, the process of self-reflection. Soon too begins the expressions of outer work as you invite others to experience the flow of reiki coming through you.


Remember: reiki flows through you.  You are a channel, a conduit.  You do not heal the other.  The other heals herself. Your job is to be the clearest conduit through which that energy can flow. And that clarity arises by doing your inner work.


I am  a Healer Because I am Healing Myself.

Personal Practice

Consistent, committed practice is the cornerstone of any work if you want it to become an integral part of your life.  Make the commitment. Choose to have time for the inner work within your daily life.


Commit to a time each day for your practice. Choose a dedicated place of practice, and mindfully recite the invocations and intentions in your daily practice guidebook. Allow your intentions and practice to grow and change over the months and years. Rewrite parts of your guidebook to reflect your current aspirations.


If you did not not receive a guidebook for daily practice from your teacher, consider writing your own. If your class did not prepare you for doing your inner work effectively, consider finding a teacher who provides this kind of guidance and support and begin again.


Each day, either within your daily ritual or on its own, commit to placing your healing hands on your body. You can do this when you lay down to go to sleep at night, as part of a morning ritual, or at another opportune time during the day. While you do not need to do a full self treatment every day (once your initial attunement period is complete), give yourself a full self-treatment at least every twenty-one days.


If you've been a practitioner at any level without daily self-care and awareness to intention before, begin now. It will transform your connection to the work.

"But, how

do I start for

Emerald City?"


"It's always best

to start at the beginning...

and follow

The Yellow

Brick Road."

The Principles in Practice

The reiki principles are more than just ideas. They are lamps of loving light that shine upon our path to guide us in our personal unfolding.


The principles are translations of the Confucious Precepts of Benvolent Rule handed down to every member of Japanese society during the era in which Dr. Usui lived. When we examine the content of a precept, when we explore its deeper meaning, we discover lamps of guidance for self-improvement as we develop into the expressions of healing that we are always becoming.


When you read a principle, observe the sensations within you.  What arises? When you experience a sensation of resistance, this shows you a good place to start. 


Dedicate your focus to working with this prinicple. Chant the principle, and bring your reiki hands to the place you experience resistance within your physical body. Begin each day with your personal practice, including a moment dedicated to this principle-in-focus.  Throughout the day, continue to chant the principle and bring your reiki hands to the places of resistance. 


Give attention to the meaning behind the principle. Play with the words. Explore them. Consider possible interpretations of the ancient, translated words and how this principle may be understood in other areas of your life.


Stay with this principle-in-focus until you observe the resistance subsiding. As it subsides, dedicate your personal healing sessions to the dissolution and release of the energy associated with the resistance. When you sense it has cleared, move on to discover your next principle-in-focus.


Just for today,

do not anger.


Just for today,

do not worry.


Honor your parents,

teachers, and elders.


Earn your living



Show respect

for all living beings.

Sharing Reiki With the World

Reiki is a prism, and each facet an expression of how we can share reiki with the world. It is brilliant. It is infinite. 


What is your unique expression? 


In class you learned the basic foundations of practice. You learned theory, and you learned a sequence of hand positions for working on yourself and on other people.  Perhaps you learned some basic approaches to clearing away energy that's no longer needed, and perhaps you learned some basic ways to infuse .with specific energies. This is a foundation on which you can grow. 


As you practice, you will become familiar with the sensations, with the ways you perceive. With more practice, you begin to understand what the sensations mean through the lens of your unique perception. As your practice grows, allow yourself to explore. Allow yourself to play. Discover what is possible. Discover how to make it possible. 


Pay attention. Pay close attention. When do you think of reiki? Where are you, or what is near you? Stop, drop, and practice there. See what comes. Experience your own unfolding.


It Becomes You

With every breath, you can practice. With every action, you can intend. With every gesture, you can heal.


Each day, you're connecting with reiki. When you state the words of your personal intention do so with awareness. Observe the sensations. Do the words inspire you? Do you feel resonance within you when you say them aloud? If you start to feel a distance from the words of your intention, bring your attention here. It may be time to reconsider your intention. This work is fluid; it is alive. It grows. Allow it to grow and change. Allow it to become.


Notice. Is there a specific place in your garden where plants just don't thrive? Are there other plants thrivng that may have specific healing properties? Do you think of reiki each time you pass that little pond of water on your morning walk? Perhaps something there needs healing. Stop, drop, and practice there. See what comes.


Notice. Is there a cold spot along your cycling path to work? Is there a corner of your house that evokes loneliness? Why does that neighborhood cat always greet you in the driveway? Stop, drop, and practice there. See what comes.





Reiki becomes you.


The more you practice,


The more it comes.


The more it comes,


The more you practice.


Reiki is a way of life.