K a r i n  E l i z a b e t h


Earning a BS in Health Education in 1993, Karin has been dedicated to holistic health and healing for over two decades.  With two distinct disciplines conjoined within her formal education, she first focused twelve years in heath care, From care-giving throughout her schooling to eldercare social work and advocacy in the years hence. She worked closely with clients and families around issues of mental health, self-empowerment, quality of life, self care, and end-of-life decisions. She acted as liaison among caregivers and clients; she championed compassionate care for the elders, and she advocated compassionate self care and the importance of professional support for all caregivers. 


As Karin's passion for exploring the Colorado mountains tested the limits of her physical body, she delved deeply into the healing power of food and herbs to support her body's optimal performance. She took the responsibility for healing her body into her own capable hands. Karin's work with herbs and food-as-medicine has grown and matured over the years, and it remains a guiding principle in her life and her teaching.


Karin shifted her focus to education, serving now in making a difference in the lives of people at the beginning of the life spectrum. She soon accepted a teaching position in East Asia, and the next chapter of her story was born. Karin's preparation for this next chapter expressed itself tangibly in the rehoming of all of her household possessions. It expressed itself intangibly through the inner process of shedding the layers of persona and who-she-thought-herself-to-be. Karin arrived in South Korea an intentional blank canvas. She spent the next decade exploring the world and discovering herself.

















Life in Asia solidified her commitment to a daily yoga practice. With a milieu of teachers providing often personal guidance, and informed by the work of BKS Inyengar, she developed her own daily practice sequence that she still follows today. Here too she joined the monastic, silent meditation retreat known as kyeol che at a monastery within the Zen tradition.  Karin has returned many times to monastic silence and monastic life. Silent retreats and mindfulness practice remain cornerstones of her contemplative life, and each remains vitally important to her personal practice and her teaching and  healing work.


So too began Karin's work with reiki. Deeply committed to learning and practicing, she remained three months in the Himalayan village of her reiki master. Each morning in practice she took notes on her experiences and wrote her questions, and then upon emerging from her morning silence would descend along the valley footpath to Usha's front porch, where lengthy conversations were punctuated with fresh cups of hot chai. Her commitment to personal practice was enhanced with lifestyle choices that afforded her the time and space to practice for 2-3 hours daily. These choices provided invaluable opportunities for hands-on experience and individual guidance with her reiki teachers, honorable monk-teachers, and other mystics. This intensive focus and 1:1 work with her masters came to define Karin's course of study; She worked and studied with Kala Snowflower for six months before her first master-level initiation, then went on to intensive independent study for another two years. She then returned to the Himalaya for another three months of intensive practice and study - again with Usha - for deepening her Master Healer & Teacher studies and work. Retreats, inner work, and individual guidance continue to give form and insight to Karin's ever-evolving journey.


Karin's journey is unique; her good fortune includes a constellation of extraordinary teachers and mentors lighting her night sky and continually guiding her work,